Your music. Your radio.

Become Radioactive

"Your music, your radio"

That means we make our radio programme for each and every one of you, but it also means that anyone can join us.

Whether it's in the editorial department, the music department, PR or technology - all our departments can use your support!

We want to show you what everyday radio life is like. But there's always enough room for you to contribute your own ideas and get creative, but also to work behind the scenes and accompany us, for example, at an event that we're technically supervising, or to work with our modern studio technology. Of course, we also get together to go bowling, have game nights or just sit together.
We welcome everyone who is interested in radio and club life and are always happy to welcome new members!

Of course you can also just drop in or take part in our meetings:

Mondays, 20:15 Programme planning meeting
Wednesdays, 20:30 (every 2 weeks), radio meeting for all members and those who want to become members.

You like radio and want to be part of us? Then write to us at We look forward to hearing from you! :)